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Step 1 of a (3-Step Booking Process) is to Register under Account Link

The Account Link is above on the Main Menu or you can click the “Register Here” link below. Note: It is important to fill out both the address section and the shipping address section to ensure products ship.

Step 2 of a (3-Step Booking Process) is to Select Your Product / Service & Pay Below. Step 3 is for Booking Life Coaching Only.

 Once you have paid for your service, event or class scroll below the payment area to book your session time(s) Thank you for being a client and we look forward to partnering in Your Success!

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Step 3 is to Book Your Appointment(s) Below

Once you have successfully booked your time slots based upon availability below you should receive a pending email. Once our staff has confirmed your appointment times you should receive a confirmation email. It is important to include your email below. Thank You!

If you have any difficulty with the electronic scheduling or onboarding process please call 937-689-9022 between the hours of 10:00 am – 5:00 pm